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Green Houses

Green Houses
Green Houses
Green Houses


  • fully galvanised, tubular steel
  • independently tensioned cross bracing
  • longitudinal lattice bracing
  • substantial strength provided by gutters
  • arched trusses to facilitate “venturi effect” air movement
  • virtually any size house can be constructed


  • 550 mm arched galvanised sheet
  • provide adequate one directional drainage
  • suitable walkways for plastic placement and repairs


  • 3 vents = lower side wall, upper side wall and top vent
  • side walls and top vent can either be fully opened or closed
  • all vents can provide variable aperture widths
  • the design lends itself to total control and heating side vents with strong and easy to operate crank handle system
  • top vent operated externally with single pulley and rope mechanism or electric motor


  • 250 micron u.v. stabilised plastic
  • tension clip attachment – steel cable through hemmed plastic with clamp hooks connecting cable and structure
  • Plastic placement fast and efficient with connector system and gutter walkways


  • 69m x 152m = 10488m2 = 1 hectare


  • electric’s can be provided
  • irrigation – we can arrange
  • heating – Brown Engineering manufacture and supply “kettles” for this purpose
  • consultants – design and layout approved by local and foreign agronomists
  • backup – service and support provided by Brown Engineering
  • site visits – can be arranged